Ilmarium provides solutions for air quality problems. Our solutions comprise Products and Services. We are a one stop solution provider that allows you to get state-of-the-art services from a single source. With Ilmarium, there is no need to combine different components or interfaces, and certainly no need to deal with a wild bunch of vendors.

Most of our solutions are assembled from quality components sourced from world class suppliers. Finland is an acknowledged leader in aerosol physics and technology. This position is a critical basis for understanding good air quality. We are linked to all important organizations, private as well as public, working in the field. We can always provide you with a comprehensive and integrated solution for your needs.

Understanding key factors that affect air quality and determining the corrective measures, in terms of technology, are critical for success. The world of air quality, being complex in nature, requires a multi-disciplinary approach to fully master it. We offer training and education courses to transfer Finnish know-how to our customers. Our training and courses are pragmatic, providing you with “standard operating procedure” type of information.

Our know-how is broad and based on a proven track record from working within aerosol science since the early 1980’s. We can really help you!

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Ilmarium has been accepted to Education Finland(10/4/17)
Ilmarium has been accepted to Education Finland growth programme. The new growth programme will support businesses, higher education institutions and other education..

5/16/17  Finpro, FMI and China Midwest Vocational Teachers' Education Center signed a LOI
1/12/17  Ilmarium Oy is founded!